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Custom Service Contractor Estimating App

HMI has taken 4 decades of experience in estimating and brought it into today’s world and today’s technology by developing the HMI AppStimator App for the iPad. Customize the HMI AppStimator with your logo, pricing, company information and legal disclaimers. Create standard attachments to accompany any emailed estimate, which can include terms and conditions or marketing material.

The user friendly AppStimator interface allows you to input slab dimensions, how it has settled and how far it has settled and then outputs how much material that repair will require along with the cost of the repair based on the pricing you input during your app customization.

Organize estimates by sections with the ability to take pictures of each section and draw on the image to efficiently communicate with your customer. Sections come together in a main summary page; edit any calculated value at any time while creating the estimate.


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