In-Store Price Scanner

Custom Software

  • Direct integration to your POS system

  • Customization options for merchandising

  • Compliance with State and Regional price marking mandates

  • Increase Sales and Customer Satisfaction


In-Store POS Consumer Price Verification

Barcode Scanner is an industrial grade price-checking kiosk designed let customers check the prices of any item in your store. This all in one solution can be customized with your store logo to give customers a seamless shopping experience. The kiosk also has the ability to print a label for any given item that is scanned so that the customer can document the scanned price.

The platform uses your existing item and pricing database to bring the most current up to date pricing to your customers without having to change a single label. Many states offer relaxed item price marking options that can save you labor by implementing this scanner system. This saves you time and money by eliminating the need for individual price marking. With two different models to choose from we have an option that fits every budget and style.

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