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Time Tracking Made Simple

Do you bill by the hour? Then you need a time tracking solution that is easy to use yet robust enough to give you insight on the future. Sprint Time is a Web-Based time tracking app that allows for the easiest, most powerful time entry in the industry. We would know because we designed Sprint Time after not being able to find a time tracking system that worked for us. From the ground up we created what we think is the best time tracking solution ever.

We took the standard and made it our own, inventing a new entry method of time that allows you to enter in time in a variety of ways to make time entry more intuitive. Less than one sentence is all it takes to make an entry, and the using a combination of tags and shorthand, Sprint Time figures out what you mean so that everything comes out completely organized on the back end reports. This saves you time and as we all know, time is money! The reporting system is just as impressive as you can generate reports on the fly, create invoices, or just get a snapshot of all hours being logged. Did we mention it’s a Web-App that requires no installing and can be accessed from your desktop or mobile device? We took the time to make sure there was nowhere you could not securely access your time no matter where you are.

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